The smart way to take messages!

MyMessageTaker works with all editions of Windows  Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7/ Server 2008 /2008 R2

MyMessageTaker does not require any additional software or programs such as Microsoft Office Outlook or Outlook Express. It takes and sends messages direct to your ISP or network mail server.

(Of course, people receiving the messages need an Email program to enable them to view the message!)




MyMessageTaker runs as a System Tray based application, readily identified by the envelope and phone icon.
This screen is designed to represent a paper message "pad".

It replaces the familiar pen and paper based phone message 'pads' with a convenient desktop entry form.

It can be used on any network from a small home network or single PC through to large corporations. It is intended for workgroup or team based message taking, where people are answering phone calls for others who are away from their desk.

MyMessageTaker is ideal for use by a receptionist. In everyday typical use the MyMessageTaker program will greatly speed up the message taking process. The quality and accuracy of the message is greatly enhanced.

MyMessageTaker sends the message as a formatted email. Both plain text or HTML format can be selected.

If your network has access to the Internet, then My MessageTaker can send to any standard email address, provided that the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)  server that you send the emails to can forward the message.

Setup and Options

Before use, MyMessageTaker requires that a valid SMTP server name and port be entered into the setup dialog. The port is almost always 25 (the internet SMTP standard). However if you need to use another 'port' number, simply change it to the required value.

Some ISP's and Web hosting companies require you to provide a logon name and password. If this is required, tick the box marked "SMTP server requires authenticating credentials" and enter your username and password.

Valid sender information must also be entered. At least, a valid sender "Email Address:" must be given.
If your network has a mail server such as Microsoft Small Business Server then your administrator can supply the name of the SMTP server for you.
For a home network, the mail server can be set to your ISP's outgoing mail server. This is easily determined from the email settings provided by your ISP.

If you are already running a mail program such as Outlook or Outlook Express etc. the outgoing SMTP name can be found in the account settings.

Other settings enable you to:

1. Have a BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) sent to you for every message you generate. This is handy for auditing and verifying that you sent the message. A BCC does not show your email address on the email message sent. However you will receive a copy.

2. Select HTML (on by default). This produces an HTML formatted message. Un-ticking this option reverts to sending the message as plain text.

3. Start MyMessageTaker when you start windows or log on. This is set on by default. The My MessageTaker icon will be ready in the Tray when you start Windows.

4. Add up to two custom messages of your choice. One of these can be quite long. Simply select "Setup custom messages" from the Setup dialog.

5. Attach a file to the message. Very handy for certain messages. There is no need to open Outlook and go through numerous mouse clicks just to attach the staff meeting minutes. Just three clicks and its done!

6. Optionally keep MyMessageTaker "on top" of all other windows. Saves time when taking urgent messages as MyMessageTaker does not "get lost" under all your currently open desktop programs.

Entering your

Click the "Edit Recipients" button to enter the names and email addresses for all the persons that you want to send messages to. Up to 40 recipients can be entered.

Simply enter the names and email addresses in the order that you would like to display them on the main My MessageTaker screen.

Sending a Message

Simply left click the Tray icon and the main message entry form pops up. Fill in the details of the message you wish to send, select one or more recipients and click "Send".

To automatically close the message window after sending a message, simply tick the option "Auto close after send"

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