JustUrls Feature Details

Easily save and load "jurl" files. When you save a set of buttons, they are saved as the JustUrls registered file type ".jurl", with the familiar icon.
Create your own sets of buttons for any topic. Distribute a standard set of buttons for your family or corporate Intranet. Share button sets with friends!

JustUrls keeps its button files in the justurls folder of
 "My Documents" for the person logged on to the computer.

If more than one person uses your computer, they create their own personal set of button files automatically.

Simply double clicking on any ".jurl" file starts JustUrls with that button group.


  Set a global font for all buttons or customize any button!
  Each jurl file retains all the font settings you selected for that set of buttons.

  Different Fonts

  Same Font

 Select the wide button size.

DRAG and DROP! Create buttons by dragging the URL icon from your browser direct onto the JustUrls window! The easy way to create buttons for those URLs that have long paths.

Example steps:

1. Pop up JustUrls. On the file menu, select "Stay on top". This keeps JustUrls from hiding when you test buttons.


2. Open your browser and browse to the site you want and click and hold the left button down on the icon just next to the left of the http://.......  Now just drag the icon onto anywhere on top of JustUrls and let go.


3. The add URL dialog will automatically open with the the URL already typed in. All you need to do is type in a button name! Here you can also, if you wish, set a button font and / or set the option to open this URL in a new browser window.

4. When you click OK, the Setup dialog will be displayed. Here you can sort the new button in order, or leave it on top.

You're Done!



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