To launch desktop programs from JustUrls buttons, simply enter the program executable name instead of the URL in the "Add new URL" dialog box.

As these executable names are not always obvious, a decoder table below lists a some popular desktop programs and the executable name that must be entered in the "Enter new URL" section of the "Add new URL" dialog box.

For example, Outlook Express has the executable name msimn.exe which, being an abbreviation for MicroSoft Internet Mail and News, is not easily guessed!

Note: For some programs, not on the system "path", you need to enter the actual location of the application.
Both the Executable Name and Actual Location are available by right clicking your Windows start menu item - or desktop Icon and selecting "Properties".

The best way to be sure you have the correct program name is to:

  • Right click your Windows start menu item - or desktop Icon.
  • Select properties.
  • Copy the line showing the Target: into the clipboard.
  • Paste this text into the "Enter new URL" section of the "Add new / Edit URL" dialog box / Right Click Favorite etc. in JustUrls setup.

Desktop Program

Executable Name

Outlook Express Address Book wab.exe
Character Map charmap.exe
Calculator calc.exe
Disk Cleanup cleanmgr.exe
Windows Explorer explorer.exe
Microsoft Access msaccess.exe
Microsoft Excel excel.exe
Microsoft Paint mspaint.exe
Microsoft PowerPoint powerpnt.exe
Microsoft Publisher mspub.exe
Microsoft Word winword.exe
Notepad notepad.exe
Outlook Express msimn.exe
Outlook (2000/XP/2003) outlook.exe
Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
WinZip winzip32.exe




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