Purchasing JustLDAP Site Licences

Eastern Digital Provides on-line site license purchasing options via the secure systems listed below.




The ActiveX ADSI component (DLL) you have been looking for!  At last, easily search Microsoft Active Directory for 'user' details.
Manage User accounts and properties with ease! Can be run from IIS or client applications and scripts.

  JustLDAP Site License Products

JustLDAP Site License Type-A
US $600.00
Covers up to and including 20 'installations' of JustLDAP.

JustLDAP Site License Type-B
US $5600.00
Covers up to and including 400 'installations' of JustLDAP.

JustLDAP Site License Type-C
US $10,000.00
Covers unlimited 'installations' of JustLDAP.

The secure KAGI online store.

When your payment is confirmed, you will be sent a download URL and installation instructions by e-mail.

Eastern Digital has a "pay once only" policy of providing FREE upgrades to registered users (per product). That is, whenever the JustLDAP program is updated, you will be able to obtain the newer version for free as you will be a registered customer of Eastern Digital. We will advise you of all future JustLDAP updates using the e-mail address you supplied.

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