JustInbox Not Working At All

JustInbox assumes that you have a connection to the internet; of course.

If you connect only occasionally via a dialup connection, then just run JustInbox from the Start Menu or a desktop icon shortcut after connecting to the Internet.

It makes no sense to run "Timer Mode" (regular checking of your inbox) if you are not connected to your ISP.

For "always on" connections like DSL, Cable, Wireless broadband etc. the timer mode is the best way to run JustInbox as it can silently delete junk email and action friends and special action emails.

So, the first thing to check (if JustInbox is not working properly) is if your PC still connected to the Internet. The connection may have dropped out.

Also, have you entered your account information correctly? You may want to check with your ISP if there is any doubt.

Some home network routers "connect as required". This can give problems if the router does not do the correct thing and log on to your DSL or Cable ISP immediately.

JustInbox Not Responding to Friends / Junk or Actions.

Make sure these options are turned on in the "Options Form".
Make sure the 'Action' key text or keyword is in the the subject of the previewed email and that the text case is exactly the same as the trigger text. Note that action key text is case sensitive.

In rare cases, the email fields are encoded using a Unicode format. When you view the email header, you will see this as ?UTF-7?...... (and other mixed characters).

As the Unicode string actually represents the exact subject, you can simply cut and paste this text as the string to be detected for your action.

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