Timer Mode 


Selecting Timer Mode.

In Timer Mode, JustInbox runs in the System Tray where it periodically checks you email inbox accounts for waiting mail items.

The time delay between inbox checking can be set in the "Options Form"

The JustInbox tray icon changes to indicate the current status. 

The icons change depending on the current state as follows:

JustInbox is running in timer mode with no mail waiting

JustInbox is  running in timer mode with mail waiting in your ISP's mail server

JustInbox is currently examining the mail waiting in your ISP's mail server

JustInbox not running in timer mode. Mail items waiting

The normal JustInbox tray icon

An unexpected error has occurred

To exit timer mode, simply left or right click on the JustInbox tray icon.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Timer mode stops once you click on the tray icon. Also, if JustInbox is in the process of examining mail, then only those emails that it has processed before you clicked on the tray icon will be displayed.

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