Quick Start Guide


1. Setting up your existing email Account(s).

After installing JustInbox you can run the program from the Windows Start Menu.
Start / Programs / Eastern Digital / JustInbox / JustInbox.

The main display shown below (in reduced size) should appear.

The JustInbox tray icon should also appear in the Windows notification area. (Typically located in the bottom right hand corner of your display). 

Click on the Accounts button, or select Tools, then "Email account setup" from the menu.


Select "New Account" to open the New Account setup dialog.


In the New Account dialog shown below, enter your email account settings. These settings are identical to the settings you are probably already using in your current email program.

JustInbox only connects to "POP3" mailboxes. Entering these settings allows JustInbox to preview your email as it sits 'waiting' in your POP3 inbox on your ISP's server. Example settings are shown. Please enter the  information for your actual email account and click 'Save'.

Note: The Port number should be left as 110, (the default for POP3 mailbox access). This can be changed, but only if your ISP requires that you use a different port number.

You can repeat the above process for up to a maximum of 10 email accounts. JustInbox will check (pre-process) each account in turn, in the order that you enter them.

If you have several email accounts, there is no need to set them all up right now, you can do that later. It would be a good idea just set up one account that you expect will have some mail waiting so you can see how JustInbox works.

2. Connect to the Internet and test your settings

Connect your computer to the Internet (if not already connected). Click on the "Check" button or choose "Actions / Check Email Now" from the menu. If you have any mail waiting it will be displayed (previewed) in the main JustInbox view.

A sample is shown in the screen shot below.

That's all you need to get started with JustInbox!

Now, to take control of your inbox, you will want to set your keyword filtering for Friends, Junk and Action emails!

NEXT - Set JustInbox to highlight Friends or (wanted email).

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