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JustInbox is more than just a SPAM eliminator, - it:

* Deletes unwanted mail still in transit before you download it to your PC!

* Responds to key words and phrases in the email subject

* Runs a program or sends you an email when it spots an email you need to 'action'.

* Highlights friendly mail items.

US $29.95
For 2 Computers

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When your payment is confirmed, you will be sent a registration key with installation instructions by e-mail for your own fully functional JustUrls program with all features activated.

Eastern Digital has a "pay once only" policy of providing FREE upgrades to registered users (per product). That is, whenever the JustInbox program is updated, you will be able to obtain the newer version for free as you will be a registered customer of Eastern Digital. We will advise you of all future JustInbox updates using the e-mail address you supplied.


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