Recognizing Action Emails 

A special feature of JustInbox is its ability to take action based on an exact case sensitive match of part, or all, of the email Subject (only).

JustInbox recognizes text in the Subject of the email that you set up in advance. There are a number of very useful applications for this Subject recognition feature.

Again, these are set up as a list similar to Friends and Junk however you also specify an 'Action' to occur when the special subject text of the email is recognized.

Note: Actions are recognized only once per JustInbox session, this prevents multiple actions being triggered over and over. For example, if JustInbox is running in automatic timer mode, probably testing your inbox every 5 minutes, it is vital that an action be detected only once. However, if JustInbox is closed down and restarted, it will see any action emails that have not been deleted and process these again.

Actions work by allowing you to run any command or program.

The recommended way to run action commands is to set up a batch file or script. This is a powerful feature as you can have any program launched. For example, by leaving JustInbox running on your home PC you could, from a remote location, launch a Web cam program for security. It could  publish security video on the Internet so you can keep an eye on your home, then send a different command to turn off the video capture.

There are numerous possibilities for using the run command feature.

A separate program called JustNotifyMe is provided as part of JustInbox. This command line program sends an email to an address that you specify. Use it to notify you that an important or special email has arrived in JustInbox! This can be very handy for situations where you are away from your PC, at the office or wherever and you want to be notified when that special email arrives.
Auction bids, stock alerts etc. can be detected by JustInbox and an email generated immediately to another address.

Up to 20 entries can be set up for action recognition of text in the Subject: field.

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