Setting JustInbox Options  


Click on the Options toolbar button as shown below or select Tools / Options from the main menu.

There are several options that can be set / selected in the options dialog.


JustInbox limits the amount of email items that can be previewed in a single scan. This can be adjusted from 20 to 500 using the setting "Maximum email count per Inbox check". Limiting the number of email items allows notebook users to download a minimum amount of email items; thus saving download time. 

If the number of emails exceed the single preview limit, you will be prompted to delete or act upon this fist group before any further emails are processed.     

The Options Form is mostly self explanatory. The Start & Run in Timer Mode will run JustInbox in your system tray. This is a convenient way to run JustInbox if you are always connected to the Internet via cable, DSL or an office network.  

Start with Windows Logon means that whenever you start your logon session to Windows, JustInbox will also start. This option is most often used with the Start & Run in Timer Mode option.

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