Using the JustNotifyMe Email Sending Program

How to use the JustNotifyMe email sending program.

The JustInbox product ships with a special program that is meant to be run as an "Action". It is an email sending program that you can use to to send out a short 'notification' email that you have previously prepared.

The program justnotifyme.exe is installed in the same folder as JustInbox. Typically:

C:\Program Files\Eastern Digital\JustInbox\

The idea is that you can respond to a special email that JustInbox has discovered in your inbox. This could be an important stock price change, a payment notification for an auction item that you are expecting, in fact any important email that you would like to be notified of.

If you know you will be away from your JustInbox PC, then you can set an action to 'run' the JustNotifyMe program to send an email to another address of your choice. This could be your office email address for example.

JustNotifyMe requires several "command line parameters" to allow it to send out an email.

Although this may at first seem an advanced technical feature, it is really quite easy to set up. Most of the time you won't need all 9 parameters to be filled in with data.

JustNotifyMe is a simple program that takes all its information in one line. You can even use it without using JustInbox.

The command line parameters for JustNotifyMe are as follows:

"To" "From" "Subject" "Message" "Server" "Port" "Y(or N)" "Username" "Password"

The JustNotifyMe line may seem complex and long, however it is simply made up of the required common fields that are often used when sending an email. JustNotifyMe can also be used to send email using a Web Hosting company. These companies typically provide a secure SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) outgoing server. The server requires a logon username (account name) and password. Also, the SMTP port number can be different from the standard number which is "25". This is done to protect these servers from abuse by entities that are not customers of the hosting company.

Port numbers such as "80" or "8080" are often used. JustNotifyMe can accept any port number. Check with your Web hosting company to find out the port number and login requirements.

If you plan to use JustNotifyMe to send email through your regular ISP, then most probably no account name or password will be required. In this case, set the 7th parameter to "N" for No (no username or password), the 8th to "" and 9th also to "" (empty).

Also, the port number will be probably be "25".

To send out an email when a specific "Subject:" text string has been detected as an action. It is necessary to prepare a simple 'batch' file in advance.

Batch files are simple text files and can be created in Windows Notepad. Make sure you change the extension from ".txt" to ".bat"

For example. Here is a sample Batch file that is saved as the file stock-alert.bat.

"C:\Program Files\Eastern Digital\JustInbox\JustNotifyMe" "[email protected]" "[email protected]" "Stock Price Variation" "You have received a stock price alert email on your home PC" "" "25" "N" "" ""

NOTE: The two "" "" on the end are empty 'Password' and 'username' required placeholders.

Now, to "action" the stock alert simply browse for the file stock-alert.bat in the action dialog and set the JustInbox action detection for the "Subject:" text that you already know your stock broker always puts in the subject when they send you an alert.

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