Put your Inbox to work for you with JustInbox!
Delete SPAM
on the Internet before downloading it!

JustInbox is more than just a SPAM eliminator, it:

Deletes unwanted mail still in transit before you download it to your PC!

Responds to key words and phrases in the email subject which can run a program, or send you an email when it spots an email you need to 'action'.

Highlights friendly mail items.

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Importantly - JustInbox does not replace your favorite Email program - it pre-processes your mail items before you run your email program.

JustInbox is best run in Timer Mode - in the Windows Notification area (Tray). Especially if you want it to automatically take action on a special emails or delete Junk and SPAM on your ISP's mail server.

JustInbox is specially designed to allow you to examine your email before downloading it from your ISP.

It has several very valuable features for processing all your waiting email in one or more accounts that you can set up. There can be a maximum of 10 accounts, any number of which can be enabled for examination, or temporarily disabled. These accounts may be spread over different ISPs.

JustInbox does not replace your favorite email program, it is designed to do initial processing of all of your incoming mail by recognizing the type and size of the mail item before you run your regular email client. The early part of the message can be read to help in decision making.

This pre-processing can optionally include automatic deletion of unwanted mail (SPAM) , taking action on 'special' emails and highlighting (with optional colors, sounds and visual pop-ups) friendly (wanted) emails.

Typically you would run your regular email client only after you are happy that JustInbox has processed your Inbox email, cleaning out junk, highlighting items of interest and actioning special email items.

JustInbox runs as a System Tray based application, readily identified by the JustUrls 'Tray' icon icon. Left clicking the tray icon opens the main display where most used functions can be easily accessed with the toolbar buttons. It can also work in what is called "Timer Mode". In this mode, JustInbox runs in the background checking and processing all your inbound email items leaving your desktop free for other programs.

JustInbox is an ideal email client for travelling use on notebooks connected to the Internet over slow dial-up links. Because it examines only the top few lines (settable up to 50 lines) of your waiting email, it does not need to download your mail at all, it simply checks the 'vital' parts of each message. These are the From,  To,  Subject, the first part of each email message, and the total message Size (including any attachments).

A particular advantage of JustInbox is that it allows you to detect very large emails, probably with large unwanted attachments. These can be deleted (automatically or manually).  This reduces waiting time when on the road, and saves money on account expenses. Sorting of emails by size is available simply by clicking on the Size K heading.

For example, say someone sends you a 5 MB video joke while you are out of the office and staying in a hotel that  has only dial-up Internet access. You can delete that email with JustInbox before opening Outlook Express to download your more important mail items.











Delete SPAM before it reaches your PC. JustInbox is designed to delete SPAM while its still on the Internet!
You can set automatic deletion to run silently in the background when JustInbox is in "Timer Mode".

SPAM is still with us despite government laws and ISP filtering.

It's now time to put in place the ultimate SPAM controller:


With the help of JustInbox you decide what the "bad words" are.

By using JustInbox, you are deleting the SPAM before downloading it to your PC! This frees up disk space at your ISP's servers and creates room for genuine emails!



  Key word detection

   For SPAM 

Delete SPAM waiting in your ISP Mailbox before downloading it!

Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that the SPAM never even made it to your favorite Email program on your PC!

Save time and money by setting JustInbox to delete email based on your selection of "bad words", not some hit or miss spam filter 'system'.

JustInbox only looks at the first (top) part of all emails, it does this without downloading the entire email.

So, there is no need to waste online time and data by downloading unwanted email and attachments!

If one of your key words is found, JustInbox can pre-select the email for deletion from your ISP's server. Or, simply set JustInbox to automatically delete unwanted email for you!

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Set JustInbox to recognize friendly senders.

You simply create a list senders that you would like to have highlighted in the JustInbox display.

When JustInbox detects a friendly sender, it can also optionally sound an alert and / or, pop-up a notification on your desktop.

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This is an interesting feature that is very handy for those 'special' emails.

JustInbox can be set to look for a preset word, phrase or special text in the subject field.
Once the text is recognised, JustInbox can take several actions depending on exactly what you want from these special emails.

JustInbox can run a program (usually a batch file) to do something special for you.

This can be thought of as a "remote control" for your PC.

For Example:

You leave JustInbox running on your PC at home. Its happily examining your Inbox(s) and deleting spam during the day. Then, from work, you send an email to your home with a particular word in the subject. JustInbox detects this action and runs a command. The command could shut down your PC, or run any program - perhaps to control your air conditioner! The possibilities are many and varied.

Another Example:

You need to go to work. You are expecting an important email from someone and you know what the subject (or even just part of the subject) will be. As above, you leave your PC running JustInbox at home. Now, when JustInbox recognises the text in the subject, it "runs" the JustNotify email sending program. This sends an email to your work address to alert you! You can then respond to the email if required.

There are many possibilities for this feature.

Of course the action feature only runs once per new action email. Once it detects and actions a special email, JustInbox automatically remembers the exact email that caused the action to occur. This is important as you don't want an action occurring every time JustInbox looks at your Inbox, say every half hour!

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