Recognizing Junk 

JustInbox recognizes and deals with unwanted junk email or "SPAM" based on keywords or phrases that you prepare in advance, similar to the friend and action recognition list.

Many email programs have advanced Junk / SPAM filters based on various detection methods. It is well known that these methods are only partially effective in trapping unwanted email. JustInbox puts you back in control of junk emails and allows you to keep abreast of changing SPAM habits!

JustInbox has exciting features that go a long way towards eliminating junk email from your inbox forever.

These features are:

  • JustInbox uses the word / partial word / phrase detection method with the added advantage that you don't need to download the email and waste time or money (if you are paying for downloaded email data).
  • In the main display, all junk items are pre-selected ready for you to delete them with the Delete toolbar button. This saves you from having to manually select the junk emails. (Control + left click will cumulatively select items).
  • JustInbox deletes the junk mail items as they sit waiting on your ISP's mailbox server. This means that as well as the senders having no idea if you read the SPAM or not, you also have the satisfaction of knowing that you have deleted the junk on the Internet before it even got downloaded to your PC!
  • Automatic deletion is also an option that you can enable in JustInbox. This means that you never need see the junk email. When JustInbox is running in "Timer Mode" (in the tray) the deletions happen automatically in the background. When running on screen, you can see the deletions occur and a fresh email preview of the remaining items is generated.
  • JustInbox keeps a tally of how effective your junk email keywords / phrases are working. Simply click the "View Hits" button to see which text items have the highest hit rate. This allows you to better control the junk email detection and deletion. You can fine tune your "junk words" to suit the season!

Important Note: JustInbox junk keywords / phrases are applied to the entire email including the Internet routing headers. Detection of junk is not limited to the "From:", "Subject:" etc. fields. The entire message preview is searched for the text you have chosen to be detected as junk. Junk text that is embedded in an email, that is, it is located more that the 50 line maximum preview limit will go undetected. However, 99% of junk email can easily be detected by just previewing the first few lines. This is settable in JustInbox Options.

Up to 100 entries can be set up for junk text recognition.

Junk text detection is case insensitive, there is no need to exactly match junk text such as Sto'ck Price;s - simply enter the text as sto'ck price;s and it will be detected.

The dialog for entering Junk detection items is accessed from the Set Keys toolbar button or the main menu and also the Options dialog.

Junk keyword text is displayed in a list similar to the friend dialog. However there is an additional checkbox to the left of the text as shown below in the partial screen shot.

This enables you to un-select a key word / text temporarily without having to delete it. Emails containing the "un-ticked" text will not be selected for deletion or "Auto Deletion".

An example of this could be that you are expecting an email containing the word pharmacy and you do not wish to have it selected for deletion (or auto deleted) it will still be marked as junk however.

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