Recognizing Friends  

JustInbox can recognize friendly senders based on all, or just part of the text found in the "From" email header.

Note: In this help documentation we use the terms 'headers' and 'fields' interchangeably to refer the same thing, that is, the well known standard email fields "To:", "From:", "Subject:" etc. found in all emails.

Email items from friends show in the main display columns in a text color of your choice, and also, the left status column displays this icon to enable easy identification.

When JustInbox detects a friendly sender, it can also optionally sound an alert (of your choice), pop-up a notification on your desktop or both.

You can easily create a list senders that you would like to have recognized and highlighted in the JustInbox display. You need to know in advance all or most of the "From:" text that will be recognised in that field.

Select Tools / Set Analysis Keys from the main menu, or simply click the Set Keys toolbar button.
From the Set & Edit Search Keys dialog select the Friends... button to access the dialog for setting friendly Senders / Friends.

Select 'Add...' and enter the text that you want to recognize in the From field. There is no need to match case, for example you can enter [email protected]  or [email protected], both will be recognized as a friend.
Some "From:" fields have the person's name or company - this can be used to detect friends, the is no need to rely on an email address only.

A typical entry could be "Andrew Citizen" <[email protected]  in which case you may want to set JustInbox to recognise the Andrew Citizen part of the "From:" field. Simply enter Andrew Citizen as the text to be recognized.

Up to 50 entries can be set up for friend recognition of text in the From: field.

Friend recognition has the following options that you can set to suit your requirements:

  • Optionally set a friend color for the row of text.
  • Optionally play any sound (WAV file) of your choice.
  • Optionally pop-up a small window to notify you that you have mail from friends waiting.

Note: The pop-up only occurs when JustInbox is running in "Timer Mode". The pop-up window has self explanatory buttons to acknowledge that a friend has been recognised, open JustInbox to see the email preview or stop the pop-ups for the current timer session.

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