JustFTP is an ActiveX component (justftp.dll) that is used to access network resources using the Internet FTP protocol.

JustFTP is designed to be used in VBScript applications or ASP/ASP.NET Web pages. See the sample code for file transfers etc. using ASP and VBScript. It is ideal for scheduled file transfers written in VBScript / JavaScript.

It can be easily "driven" by scripting languages such as VBScript, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET. Also, because it exposes a COM IDispatch "Dual Interface", any modern language that supports COM / ActiveX can be used to "drive" the JustFTP component. (Visual Basic or C/C++ for example.) 

JustFTP frees you from the networking details. It enables you to get on with your file transfers and administrative tasks. Similar components are often overly complex when, really, you just need to 'get' or 'send' a known file.

However we also understand that a remote directory listing can be quite useful at times. Therefore we have included a basic "DIR" function that your scripts or ASP pages can use to traverse the remote file system. This functionality is left up to the user of JustFTP. VBScript sample code to sort the directory results and look for specific files is straightforward. We may include some of these samples on our site as we get time.


The following 9 methods are provided by the JustFTP component.
All methods return a simple string result (either "OK" or "Fail").

The Dir method also returns a directory listing of the remote server for the directory specified. This is a string listing of files and directories returned in the "DirList" variable that is passed to the method. The returned directory listing shows files prefixed by the two characters "F-", directories prefixed by a "D-". This provides an easy way to tell if a name returned is a sub-directory name or an actual file.

Get and Send are binary (image) file transfer functions.
The GetASC and SendASC have been provided for use where FTP ASCII file transfers are required (eg. UNIX/Linux). 

A major feature of the JustFTP component is that there is no need to maintain an FTP "session". Each method call sets up a session, performs the required function, then closes the session automatically, this makes administrative scripting of file transfers easy and robust.

No testing for obscure error codes is required. Just test for the string "OK" (or "Fail") to control the flow of your script - see sample code below.

Methods provided:

Dir(RemoteHost, RemoteDir, DirList, UserName, Password)
Get(LocalFile,  RemoteHost,  RemoteDir,  RemoteFilename,  UserName,  Password)
GetASC(LocalFile,  RemoteHost,  RemoteDir,  RemoteFilename,  UserName, Password )
MakeDir(RemoteHost,  RemoteDir,  NewRemoteDir,  UserName,  Password)
RemoveDir(RemoteHost, RemoteDir, DirToDelete,  UserName,  Password)
RemoveFile(RemoteHost, RemoteDir, RemoteFilename, UserName, Password )
RenameFile(RemoteHost, RemoteDir, RemoteExistingFilename, RemoteNewFilename, UserName, Password)
Send( LocalFile,  RemoteHost,  RemoteDir,  RemoteFilename,  UserName,  Password)
SendASC(LocalFile,  RemoteHost,  RemoteDir,  RemoteFilename,  UserName,  Password)

These methods cater for most of the common FTP file manipulation requirements.  All methods take username and password credentials, if these are not required, an empty string ("") may be used.

Note: RemoveDir will remove (delete) an empty remote Directory or folder only. MakeDir will make (create) a remote Directory or folder.


See Code Examples

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