Important Installation Information

System Requirements

JustFTP runs on Windows 2000 (all versions), Windows XP Professional and Windows 2003 Server Operating Systems. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher must also be installed.

Using JustFTP with IIS5 or IIS6 Web servers.

For use with IIS Web Servers, installation must be performed using a COM+ application "wrapper" so that a user identity with permission to local and network resources can be assigned.

Please follow the walkthrough here

NOTE: This is the preferred installation method for ALL uses of JustFTP in servers and most client applications and scripts. Be sure to read all the instructions carefully. The COM+ Setup walkthrough  is easy to perform and once completed will provide predictable operation of the JustFTP component.

It is possible to to install JustFTP without using a COM+ application wrapper.

For example:

* On an computer where files will be transferred under an account with network access permission; using VB/JavaScript or a client application.

* As a scheduled task, where JustFTP is activated in a script with the task set to run under an account with enough permissions to access the network and write to the local file system.

To install JustFTP without a COM+ "wrapper", simply:

A) Copy the file justftp.dll to a directory on your server / workstation. Recommended -> (c:\Program Files\Eastern Digital\JustFTP\)

B) Start a command prompt, change to the directory where justftp.dll has been placed and give the command   "regsvr32 justftp.dll". You should get a success message box reply as shown below. JustFTP is now installed and registered with the Windows registry correctly.

For trouble free operation when using scripts, IIS ASP and ASP.NET pages, always create a COM+ application for JustFTP rather than just registering the component with the regsvr32 command.  See the walkthrough details here.

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